Scotland's Horses

July 13th '17 I suddenly lost the healthy mare who had illuminated my whole adult life. Determined to achieve something positive, I began a project to capture the expressions of "Scotland's Horses" - in her glorious memory.

Equine models were invited & in return, each owner would recieve a free photoshoot, digital & printed version of their image. The response was overwhelming with many owners embracing its rationale, for which I am profoundly grateful.


Without the use of backdrops or lights & balancing deliberately underexposed settings, each horse was encouraged to display natural behaviours. Lovingly edited, each shot revealed beautiful expressions, gazing unparalleled from the surrounding darkness.

Over 60 horses were captured in a three month period covering over 1200 miles & some 3000+ clicks. Processing, editing & upload time reached over 400 hours, with each photograph resulting in three sizes - print worthy, web & facebook.

The Book '17

While Limited Edition, numbered & signed gallery quality table books are pipelined (priority given to the owners) I'm struggling to find a supplier who can produce to the quality required at an affordable cost.

Companies have offers but outwith these, prices rocket. With sixty-two photographs each on their own page, plus non-printing front / back inside covers, estimates average at around the £80-100 range.

I've gone through every online single photobook provider from Saal to Zno, so welcome any other suggestions!

The Exhibition '17

Sixty-two prints were strung on fine wire in my mare's stable, lit by little globes. It felt warm & welcoming even though it was freezing cold! Thank you to the many who came, brought sweeties, cards, fizz, flowers & such love.

Always a kind, inquisitive gal - she loved when folks just "hung out" by her stable & chatted. Aloof & sharp as she could be, she was never happier than when she was included in the conversation.

Thank you to everyone who shared their precious horses - you gave me an escape & comfort, if only for a few moments - from the grief of loosing mine.

The Horses '17