Like many creatives I'm driven by the joy of delivering something someone else will love. Photographs offer a personal, expressive & engaging happy that lasts forever after. Specialising in equestrian (& pet) photography - my delight is creating dramatic & unique photographic artwork which steals your breath for years to come.

Most of the stuff you'll want to know is on this page, but give me a shout if I've missed anything & thanks for coming for a rummage!


Christmas Cards & Calendar Shoots coming soon!

Project 18'

Please could folks with places on FREE project shoots be considerate if you can't keep your date. Cancelling on the day or simply not rocking up is awffy unfair so!
- if you don't turn up, you don't get a second date. Da dum!


Equestrian photoshoots are predominantly outdoors without backdrops or lights - although I'm happy to bring these where required. You may have a favourite beach, woodland or park where your horse or dog will feel at ease & express their most natural & vibrant personality. For indoor pet shoots, any clutter free space is perfect!


Black or white backgrounds create dramatic subject focus & are included as standard. Minor cosmetic edits are free, while bespoke work is priced on complexity & quoted in advance. Multiple subject compositions multiply edit time & are priced accordingly. I can also edit your own digital images following a FREE quality & copyright check!


Digital photography is measured in resolution - 'pixels per inch'. Irrespective of an image's physical dimension, higher resolution shots will produce superior printed work since they contain more colour, light, shadow & tonal depth. By shooting in RAW format, I can ensure maximum detail is always preserved for the finest result possible.

Nitty Gritty

While professional editing offers virtually limitless possibilites, it's not a quick (or free) process, so its key to be realistic. Your vision might be your horse galloping across a sunlit caribbean beach - but if our location is a dark, muddy, pocket mugged Scottish paddock, we're gonna need more than our wellies!


Digitals are images perfectly sized & intended for online use / social media sharing only. While technically you can home print them, they will lack quality. Shoots include the number of digitals outlined, with further digitals (or prints!) available to purchase. Purchasing reproduction rights for large format photograph printing is classed as commercial use & charged accordingly.

Gift Cards

From just £55.00 my photoshoot vouchers make a thoughtful, flexible & affordable pressie. They include your bespoke Moonpig Card professionally designed with your own message & photograph - just send me the photo & I'll do the rest! You can choose to display your generosity or keep its value discreetly absent too!


Professional prints provide maximum colour fidelity - using one company allows me to calibrate colours & ensure a consistently high standard. 'Lustre' is a print finish which combines the depth of matte with a realistic glint, but doesn't create the glare under glass that gloss prints do. Home printing can't replicate the same quality.


It's been hugely exciting to develop a 'signature frame' to best showcase my style of work. Based on the mock frames I created in 2016 when displaying my first photos online, mounting & framing is available at point of order (to ensure no dust or fingerprints under the glass) & I'll shortly have a sample to bring to shoots with me!


Copyright is really very simple, I will always own the photographs I take - even if you pay for a photoshoot & all the subjects are yours. You are only purchasing permission to use those images within our agreed purpose - ie, personal sharing or hanging on your wall.

Very Naughty

Unless you purchase the sole rights to my photograph, you are forbidden to commercially distribute, repurpose or reproduce in part or full any element by any media whatsoever. Please visit CCA Non Commercial-NoDer4.0 International License to find out more.